Research Support Manager in Research Services

About Me.

I have worked in the Higher Education sector for over 10 years, 6 years at Coventry University. Studying at University opened doors for me and was a great leveller, I enjoyed the rigour, autonomy and access to academic literature.  Completing my undergraduate degree as a ‘racial minority’ contextualised my experience as a second generation Muslim female, there were many challenges I needed to confront and from thereon I knew I wanted to establish a career in HE, specifically within professional services supporting and managing research.  The challenges continue, but I have learnt a lot about myself and what I can offer the academic community.

Why is a BME Staff Network important to you?

It’s a safe space for me to engage and connect with other BME members, but it’s also a platform for me to reflect on my lived experience, challenge any preconceived ideas I have and ways we can move forward. I consider other BME members as ‘critical friends’, through shared values and mutual respect we hope to address and highlight racial inequalities across HE.  As a member I feel empowered, respected and see my racial identity as a value not a subtraction. I now want to use my voice to empower other individuals and anyone new to the HE from a BME background.

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